Battlefield 3 – Confirmed!

Then its official ! Battlefield 3 has been confirmed from John Pleasants (EA),
that have commented that DICE is working on ‘Battlefield 3’ and he says that he is very impressed about how the team works with the game. He didnt say witch platforms the game would appear on, but he hinted that the game would be released in their current financial year (lasts until mars 2010), so we have a lot to look forward to. 🙂

I’m one of those dudes that spent the best part of a couple of years inside ‘Battlefield 2’. Its the best game I have ever played. Yeah, I know. There is games out there with better graphic, story etc, but none with the playability that BF2 give us. It’s just brilliant gameplay in action.

For me, it all started with the game ‘Battlefield 1942’ and the hours of endless fun it brought with it. Then ‘Battlefield Vietnam’ came, but that game didnt really get so mutch attention from us (me and my gamer pals). We continued to play BF1942 until BF2 arrived, and played that one for almost three years. (it still happens that we take a round or two, just to ‘keep in shape’ ).

In the last year, another Battlefield game has emerged, called Battlefield Heroes (yes, I had a beta key 🙂 ), but to me that was a big disapointment. The hype had been big, and the vision inside of my head of this game was larger than life. When the game then finaly was released in beta form, it was like a mule-kick to the stomach. It’s just Team Fortress II with different graphics and slower running, slower gameplay, basically slower everything. It’s fun for the first 10-20 minutes, and then it gets booring really fast. (Se own thread about Battlefield Heroes).

Well, the hype is going to start again, and this time regarding Battlefield 3, and I know my mind is gonna blow it out of reality again, but this time I have a good feeling that Dice and EA will come through with a good product. So, please all of you at Dice, be good, be creative but keep it ‘Battlefield-like’ and you will have a winner for the next years to come.


PS. While we wait, here’s the hit-game-movie ‘Mine!‘ from Battlefield 2:

The dude that posted it, thought it was a preview of Battlefield 3 🙂


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