Trackmania Nations Forever

Trackmania is a series of arcade racing games where the last two is Trackmania United Forever and Trackmania Nations Forever.
United is payware and Nations is freeware. Yes, thats right. Free!

Just go to and press the download button, and you have started on one of your best gaming experiences ever.

Trackmania Nations is a free for all racing game, where only the imagination of the track-creators, limits whats possible or what isnt. Wallrides, loops, dirtjumps and bouncing water comes together to create an unique racing experience.

I’m a member of a gaming community that have played this game since it came, and the ‘Trackmania Nations’ game before there. We have our own server that have been visited by almost 30 000 players since we started it, and we have like 280 tracks that we have designed ourselves. Locate the ‘Panzerwax Forever’ server ingame and have a look. (I’m known as [PnzrWx]Banzai there.)

The feature that the players can build their own track is what keeps this game going. There is always a new track to drive, always some lunatic that have made that almost impossible to get through… so you try and try and try again, and then suddenly you make it, and the world is a mutch better place to be in 🙂
(well, it feels like that sometimes when you’re playing a specially hard track.)

Well, its free, its fun, its ‘just-have-to-drive-one-more-track-before-bedtime’ type of game, so what are you waiting for?

The game trailer:



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