Battlefield Heroes

Battlefield Heroes is a game that have had a veery high hype going on for about two years before the first betakeys was handed out (I got one at the second giveout), and I was more than anxious to test this gem of a game that we all had been tricked into believe this was.

I got the client downloaded, loaded it up, made myself a cool looking dude and pressed ‘Play’ in the browser. Here it came with the first thing that should have warned me about the rest. Instead of listing up a server-list over available servers, it said that it was trying to connect me to a game with suitable players for my charachter. Whats this? I cant pick my own server? What about playing with friends? (I’m a member of a gaming community, remember?)
Later testings shows that one guy then have to join a game, and the rest of the crew has to try to join him on the same server. You cant see if the server he/she is playing on is full before you connect, or if it has room for 5 more players. You could have done better than this, Dice.

Well, back to the ‘first-time-startup’ of the game. When it found a server, i was connected and dropped into a city of some sort. Cool graphics, everything looked nice and tidy, and then I started to run towards the first enemy flag.

Did I say run? I meant waddle. I tried dobbelpressing the ‘w’ button, I tried shift, ctrl, middlemousebutton and everything else that I could think of, but the dude barely moved like a duck on land. Even the dudes in BF1942 ran twice as fast as this. That took some time to get used too. When it comes to the other part of the gameplay, its qute fine, but everything happens slowly. The game is fun for like 10-15 minutes in a row, and then you need a break for, let us say, a week or so before it becomes fun again for another 10-15 minutes.

If you have the original Battlefield 2 game installed (or the dvd somewhere), reinstall that game, and then add the new patch that was released a couple of weeks ago. You get some new maps, and there are some bugs and issues that have been fixed, so the game is playable and enjoyable again! (I have started to play it again after an almost two years pause).

Here’s the trailer for the game:


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