Now is time for one of the old classic racing games. I’m talking about ‘Re-Volt’ and the real funny game where you have to drive small rc-cars around on cool tracks, and even in ‘deathmatch-mode’ where it is ‘blow up your friends before they blow up you. Its real funny, and although its 10 years old, its still fun to play with your friends on a LAN.

‘Re-Volt’ was released by Acclaim Entertainment in 1999, and it featured 24 stock cars, ranging from electric, internal combustion (glow) and ‘special’ type of cars. There is 14 tracks, and in multiplayer mode you can have up to 12 competitors on the same track in the pc version! (Eat that, Flatout!).

It also appeared for the PlayStation, PC, Nintendo 64 and Sega Dreamcast, but if you want to test it, you can find it as abandonware for pc.(windows). Just do a quick search…

Here is a little in-game video:


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