Requiem Bloodymare

‘ Requiem Bloodymare ‘ is a horror-based MMORPG, wich has the option to play for free. Its age restricted to 17+, but since its free to download there is quite a lot of teens that are playing too. The gameplay is like most of the other MMORPG’s thats out there. Get a job, get a sword and go swinging, but its more bloody, darker and ‘scary’ than others like WOW and EQ.

The reason I started playing this was that I was curious about the gametype (I’m an old mud’er, if that tells you anything) but I didnt want to pay to continue to use a game that I would pay to obtain. (Wow got 10 million users that each pays about 10 Euro’s a month to play….) I tred a couple of others free-mmorpgs like ‘ Rappelz ‘ (fantasy/manga inspired) but a couple of my friends had tried this one, and urged me to come over to join them. I did, and have been playing this game for a while. (got a 5-7 charachters on different levels and jobs).

If you are looking for a MMORPG that doesnt demands a lot of time and money from you, ‘ Requiem ‘ is a good game to test, and if you decide you want to pay for a month to get some extra bonuses, you can do that and its still half the price of Wow and EQ. Test it, there is nothing to loose.

Their website is located at

Here is a trailer for the game:


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