Flatout 2

Flatout is one of the best racing games I have ever tried. There is nothing that can compare to it, not even Burnout or similar games on the gamestations. Flatout rules them all, and the reason is simple. The way the game is designed with handling of the cars, the smashable scenery (almost everything!), the fantastic landscape and the satisfaction of grinding an opponent to dust with your front bumper. Nothing can compare to Flatout in this.

The ‘new’ version, Flatout 2 is like the first one, but with more cars, more tracks, and even better graphic.

There is of course a multiplayer option in the game, both for Lan and Internet play, and make your friends go out the front window caused by a tree (and a little push from you) is a feeling that you have to experience 🙂

My gaming clan here in Norway have this as a ‘must play’ at our local lan parties that we hold like 3-4 times a year, and we never get tired of it at all. Its just that good 🙂

Flatout 2 has been around for some time now, so the price should be rather cheap, so there is no time to loose.

Buy it, check it out, and maybe we’ll meet in an empty aquaduct for a little fender-to-fender fight? 🙂

The FlatoutJoint – Place for resources and discussions.

A little crash video from the game:


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