This is a rather silly game.
Dont misunderstand me, I didnt say it was bad 🙂

This game is a little like the old “Black & White” game, where you are God and can do pretty mutch everything.

This game starts even earlier than ‘Black & White’, where you start out as a microbe and ends as a space explorer. The game is fun to play, and the deal that you can make your charachter / race look like anything you can imagine, is a big plus to the game.

Dont expect a too long game time though. When you have gotten yourself off your first planet, things gets a little booring, and starting from scratch again isnt so fun the second time around.

I’m an old dude, so I guess the kids have more fun with this one than I have, and its suitable down to small children of age 7-8.

The E3 trailer from 2008:


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