BreakNeck (aka N.I.C.E 2)

One of my old racing favorites is a game that was released in 1998 by Synetic GmbH (German game company), thats called “N.I.C.E 2” and was released under the name “BreakNeck”.

This was the first racing game I played where you could change your cartype, and where that actually had something to say to the gameplay. You got all sorts of cars in this game, from 2CV’s, gocarts, schoolbusses and top fuel dragsters, and each car has a very good compared-to-real-life driving abilities. If you choose a 2CV, dont expect to get to the top of the hill before you have gone down 3 gearshifts and if you choose the dragster, that small turn is impossible to take in 250mph. 🙂

In ‘supercar’ mode you can even arm yourself with weapons, like electroshock, missiles, oil and spike drops and other nasty, but fun stuff, and did I mention that it has a multiplayer part? 🙂



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