Postal 2 – Share the pain

‘Postal 2 – Share the pain’ is one of the most violent and ‘i dont give a damnd’ type of FPS games I have ever played.
It was released by the game company ‘Running with Scissors’ in 2003, and was the follow up of their hit ‘Postal’ from 1997. Because it has a very violent gameplay, the game has been banned in Australia and several other countries, and if you play the game you can kind of understand that. I have played a lot of FPS games through the years (from way back to Wolfenstein 3D),

but this is the game with the highest ‘have no respect for anything’ rating, and combined with raw humor (from a man’s point of view) it makes a unique game-experience. The game is getting old, so the graphic is not as good as todays games, but the atmosphere in the game is really good and you can easily spend some hours in this one.

Note to parents: This is NOT a game for your son of age 0-14 years old. You need to be a little older to understand that this is just a game, and not something you should try to replica in real life.

Another cool feature of this game, is that it has multiplayer support for up to eight players (I think) and the company “Running with Scissors” (RWS) has released this part as freeware for you all to enjoy. If you need a bloody, multiplayer game for your next lan party, look no further.

You can get the multiplayer version at (Free Download!)

A little video from the game made by a dude at youtube. Warning! This contents bad language, obscene use of a sickle and loooots of blood…


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