Overlord II

Then the time was finally here, and I got to play the new ‘Overlord II’,-Its as wacky and humorous cool as the first one was, and you got even more stuff to play around with in the sequel.

For those of you that do not know what game I’m talking about, shame on you, and hurry to the gameshop and buy the first one, and when you have finished it, and made a shrine in my honor for showing you the way, you can look forward to endless hours with joy, playing the sequel.

Your goal in life, as a minion with an attitude, is to become the next Overlord and reign the underworld and the land above with terror and fright. You got your trusted minions with you, a bunch of misserable, drinking, fighting, low life scums of the underworld, to help you gain the ‘respect’ you demand from the world above, cause they seems to have forgotten what you can do with a pair of tweezers and a keg of TNT.

The humor in the game is priceless, and the gameplay is really good. Graphics is a mix between fantasy and christmas-cards (hard to explain, take a look for yourself) and I have had a very good time playing it so far.

Here is the official trailer for the game, and if you take a look at youtube for “Overlord 2 gameplay” you will find a lot more clips .


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