Prototype is a kind of strange game. It’s a FPS with a lot of ‘smash-this-thing-to-oblivion’ kind of approach, and there is a story behind it, but that one is hard to follow. After a couple of missions, you start to take the stuff for granted, and just ‘get-on-with-the-smashing’ type of gameplay.

Dont misunderstand me, I havent said that its a bad game, just weird. Why is it weird? Well, I got the feeling that you are too mutch of a super-human.

To be able to beat you, the computer have to pull out every thingie-that-says-bang! they got, and even then you get the feeling that ‘this is no challenge’. I had no problem taking down two apache helicopters with my bare fist or foot(!) the first time i played it (had no clue about the controls etc) and that makes it a little to easy. (this was ‘normal’ challenge level).

On the positive side you got the freedom. It is a big and open city, where you can jump from rooftops to rooftops, run up and down walls with ease, and you can also take side-missions that dont follow the normal story line and similar things.

I’m not sure if I want to recommend this game or advise against it, but if you like the feeling of beeing able to smash a tank with your fists, taking other peoples identity by feeding on them(!) to get the answers to why you have ended up like this (your memory is gone by the wind… surprise, eh?) then this is the game for you.

This is a gameplay video, so I’ll let you decide:

Update: A video from Protoype 2


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