Battlefield 2 – 1.5 Patch

Its been a year since the last patch, v1.41, was released for the Battlefield 2 game, and yesterday, the first of september, the patch v1.5 was released by EA games and DICE.
For a quick overview of what it has fixed and changed on, take a look at this article at ShackNews.

They have put Euro Force and Armored Fury as an added bonus in the patch, thats cool, but I got the feeling that they are trying to strangle the voices that are saying:

‘Hey! BF1943 has been released for the consoles… why isnt it out for PC yet?? Why do we need to wait until next year to play it??’
(yeah, I’m one of those voices.. 🙂 )

Well, EA and DICE works in mysterious ways, and I guess they are trying to milk the cow as much as they can before it gets sent to the slaughterhouse.

You can find the patch on (for norwegians), on piratebay or through EA’s own homepage.



2 thoughts on “Battlefield 2 – 1.5 Patch

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