Tales of Monkey Island – Part 1

I had the fortune to get a message from a good friend when the Telltale Games website had a 24 hours free download of the first chapter of the new adventures of Guybrush, Mighty Pirate(tm), so i got the first episode for free. I have not played Monkey Island for years, so I didnt quite know if this was a game for me anymore.

I fired up the ‘Launch of the Screaming Narwhal’ episode, and got stuck 5 minutes out in the gameplay. A vague memory of why I didnt like these kind of games slowly crept back into my consciousness, and to make a short story even shorter: If I had not found walkthroughs on the internet to help in ‘heavy places’, I would probably never finished this first episode.

Dont misunderstand me. If you like these kind of games, you will have a superb time playing this, and the riddles and way to make progress are good old ‘monkey island’ worthy 🙂 (The other game I have played with as mutch insanity in the riddles are ‘Grim Fandango’, so be prepared… )


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