Ubisoft swallows Nadeo

One of the most creative gamestudios the recent years have been the french company, Nadeo. They have created one of the most entertaining racing-game series called ‘Trackmania’ where it ‘went gold’ some years ago with the Trackmania Forever version.

(Trackmania United Forever (pay-version) and Trackmania Nations Forever (free-version).) The news that Ubisoft was thinking about buying Nadeo became known a couple of weeks ago in the gaming community, and now the sale is done, and Ubisoft is the new owner. What would the consequences be for us gamers?

Ubisoft is known for its superb graphic, good playability and some awesome gametitles the last years.

Ubisoft are also known to be adding DRM’s on almost everything they can. Everything from SecuROM to the bastard called Starforce, that fu*ks up computers as a sidenote to the original purpose. I guess that this is because Ubisoft is kind of greedy and dont want to give away so mutch as a dime to anybody.

How will that turn out when they bought a company that have created their success on a fully functional free racing-game (Trackmania Nations and Trackmania Nations Forever) that have made a lot of people buy the full game with all the different environments. (Nations only contains the Arena part of the United game).

What will happen in Trackmania 2? Will there be a free part of the game like the old one? What about the promises about two other games in the ‘mana’ series, called Shootmania and RPGMania? Will these see the day of light?

My gaming clan have one of the biggest (and coolest) servers in Trackmania Nations Forever in Norway, and we where planning of starting a new one for Trackmania 2 (The server is called ‘PanzerWax Forever’), but will there be a free part to build a server for? (The United version of the game came with DRM included (starforce), so almost 2/3rd of the members just played the free version of the game.)

Well, I guess we will get more information from the companies in the weeks to come, with information about what we should expect from the new management.

Do you have any views of this case, please share with a comment.


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