Requiem – Memento Mori

Requiem Bloodymare have got an upgrade called ‘Memento Mori’ where a lot of things are new compared to the old version.

A quick overview of the most important ones:
To see a throughful made list, check out the forum at

New Skill and DNA System

Learning Skills:
In Season 2, Skills are now learned through a new UI rather than through a NPC in town, this allows players to instantly gain skills and makes it easier to view skill trees in an organized view. The skills available to learn are shown with a + on the skill. The skill tree is divided into tiers depending on the level required to get the first level of skill as shown below.

Armor/Weapon Skills:

New skills are now available through equipment. New items that drop from mobs can be enchanted onto a piece of armor or weapon that make these new skills available for use along with normal skills.

DNA System:
DNA is also now learned through a new UI rather than an NPC; also, there is no cost to change your DNA from the new UI. Once the DNA is learned, it is automatically applied to the corresponding skills.

New Pet System

Season 2 features a new Pet System that is available for every player. The Pets can be purchased through the Item Mall or through the new Battlefield merchant in every major city. These pets last for 30 days and will not be able to be summoned once the item has expired.

… and a shitload of more addons and changes. (see the forum)

I have played the new one for a week or so (three chars and about 40 lvls combined on those three), and the new game is as mutch fun as the old one. You also gain a mounted beast at lvl 1 to help you along in those first levels, but this beast last for three RL days (72hours) with the results that my char at lvl 40 still has this beast available. When you then consider that it is almost twice as fast as the ordinary Rex… I believe that this is done by the developers to make people buy the mounted beasts from the online-shop (that are at the same speed as the first beast and maybe a bit faster).

about quests
There is also a few new quests, and some of the old quests have changed location on some of the parts, but there is still a lack of quests in the area of lvl 40-53, that gives a lot of grinding. (grinding = killing the same monsters over and over again to gain experience points to advance to next lvl. This takes usually a looong time and are quite booring). This is something the developers should think about and maybe set down a team that only worked on chancing quests, making new ones and removing ones that have been around too long.
This would keep the game fresh and interesting. Like it is now, I can create a new charachter and be lvl 20 in about 1.5 hours, sleepwalking through the quests on the way, with no reason to think whatsoever.

my charachters on Valdes
All in all, I still enjoy the game and I’m still making new friends as we help each other to get the quests done.

and for those of you that play, and want to say ‘Hi’, here is my charachters on the Valdes server:

  • Laban – Templar
  • Bonzai – Defender / Protector (I’m strong as a tree, they call me Bonzai…*grin*).
  • Hokus – Shaman / Mystic
  • Gond – Figher
  • Stabalot – Rogue
  • Tumble – Shaman
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