Abandonware – the source for hours of old-time fun! 🙂

All of us (the gamers that is) remember the time when a video-game was all about atmosphere and playability. The time when the hunt for better and better graphics didnt ruin the story of the game. That is a loong time ago, and most youngsters havent even seen half of the cool games that was created in the 80 and 90’ies for the early consoles and computers. Who doesnt remember games like Bomb Jack, Commando, 1942, Diana Sisters, River Aid, Roland in Space even the first Mario Bros games? (Yeah, I know. You are starting getting itchy fingers now, right? 🙂 ).

Well, there is hope. A lot of the old games have been released for everyone to enjoy as abandonware.
What is Abandonware you might say? Let me give you a little ‘cut’n’paste’ from the net.

Abandonware is computer software which is no longer being sold or supported by its copyright holder. Sometimes, it is used as a blanket category for any software over a certain age, usually five years.

The term has no legal meaning. This means that labeling any kind of software ‘abandonware’ does not make it legal to make copies of it or publish it on a website. Unless the author puts the software in the public domain, abandonware remains covered under copyright law until its copyright term expires.

Alternatively, the term is also used for software which is still available, but on which further support and development have been intentionally discontinued. This article discusses only the first meaning.

If you get problems playing the old games cause your computer is to powerful to run something so basic as a 16bit application, try using DosBox, its a Dos-emulator.

A couple of the good abandonware sites are:

  1. http://www.freeoldies.com
  2. Virtual Nes (flash versions of old 8 Bit Nintendo)
  3. Abandonia

…and a quick search on google will give you a lot more of them.

A montage from Youtube of a shitload of abandonware games.


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