Alien Arena 2011 – Free FPS

A game I tested some time ago (earlier version) is Alien Arena. It had then a resemblance to games like Half-Life and Quake, but it is free of charge. If you need a free shooter to play with friends on LAN or through the internet, this is a good choice.
I recently found out that there is a new version of this game available for download, and while I have not yet tested it myself, the video information found on shows a game that have evolved a bit since i played it. In those days (2-3 years ago) it looked like ‘yep-its-a-free-game-alright’ type of graphic, but now it seems to have evolved quite a large part on that area.
I have a plan to test this as soon as possible, and you can find the game and download it from
Game trailer from the new version:

4 thoughts on “Alien Arena 2011 – Free FPS

  1. Hi there, that is the fastest reply to a post I have ever gotten on any of my blogs. I posted it like 3-4 minutes ago 🙂


  2. i love video games all my birthday money christmas and dinner money goes 2wards my gaming, i have a xbox 360, nintendo wii, playstation 3 nintendo ds a brand new desktop computer (5gb, 500gb RAM) i have an awsome gaming set up but my dad is redoing my room so it means it is uninhabitable for the next few weeks and im suffering with withdrawal symptoms already its only been 2 days omfg i might get this game anyway lol. x


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