Skyrim – The Elder Scrolls V

There is no secret about this one, it is the biggest game of this genre ever, and it can be summarized with one word : ‘Awesome!’The previous game ‘Oblivion’ was good in its own ways, but ya got the feeling that you did not really have that much choices in reality… in Skyrim on the other hand…

I started to play this game when i got it from my brother as a christmas gift (I am a lotro player ya know, so sceptical to everything new *smiles* ). The firs thoughs that hit me was…’ok, decent game, very good graphics, seems to be a ok storyline.. but not sure what the fuzz is all about’… then I met my first dragon, and slayed it (with ‘a bit’ of help from some villagers)..and I was still just level 2-3 ! This is the sort of game that starts out good and just continues to grow well into the sunlight and beyond. The sheer size of the world is almost overwhelming and so is the amount of stuff to do.

Everywhere you look there is a quest, or a request or someone that needs help with something that makes it easy to spend several levels without even touching the main storyline, and everything you do, and I mean everything has some consequences for your game later on.The games evolves around what ya do/do not do, and the Ai is quite smart compared to other game of the same genre.

The atmosphere in the game is just brilliant and you start to feel for your fellow npc’s and hired goons through the game, something I have not done in a lot of years of gaming. Its just so darn well put together and you can feel there has been put a lot of work into the environments to make them ‘feel’ right kind of… and the music…
there are some splendid music pieces in here, and if ya go to a bard (most taverns have them) you can even request that they play you a song… one of those are ‘The Dragonborn comes’.*smiles* Have heard that one quite a bit… and a reason for that is a lady named ‘Malukah‘ on youtube, that have made this version of the tune…

So, if ya like the big outdoors, fantasy setting, big dragons and a fantastic adventure, this is the game for you. The only thing that is missing is multiplayer… *sobs quietly*… if this was built as an MMO… i would have canceled my Lotro subscription yesterday….


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