The way of the one Ring…

Greetings all!
Been a while since I wrote here, and I blame it all on ‘Lord of the Rings Online’ that have been a part of the everyday life for the last ‘couple of’ months. I’m at ‘end game’ on that game, and has been for the last 2-3 months but I am playin on a RP server, called [En-RP]Laurelin and have got hooked on the music system in the game, and spend a lot of my time playin music either by myself at a tavern somewhere, or in bigger events with my little in-game band, called ‘The Chosen Few’.

I did a little walk through the statistics for this blog a couple of days ago, and found out that my 2-3 last posts here last year, got 2-3000 people to visit in a weeks time. Never knew that there was such an amount of people reading the ramblings of an old weekendgamer, but that made me start to write new entries to this site again, and will post the first one rather shortly after this little ‘hey, I’m back’ post I am writing right now 🙂

If there is anythin ya would like me to write about and check out, please give me a comment and I will see if it is doable or not.

Until later


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