Dungeon Defenders

My gaming clan uses to team up in a weekend lan-party 3-4 times a year, and one of the occasions was two weeks ago. We usually play a lot of retro games like ‘Age of Empires II’, “Trackmania”, “Flatout”, “Warhammer 40K” etc.

This time we also tried a fun little game called ‘Dungeon Defenders‘.

Dungeon Defenders is a cool 4 player lan-party game that seems a bit silly at first, but after a couple of levels starts to grow on the players. We have had much fun with this game and if ya need something thats fairly easy to get into, runs on most platforms and does not need hours of complicated strategy-lessons to become fairly good, this is the game for you 🙂

The official trailer:

A video review from ‘Playr’ on youtube that gives ya a better insight in the game:

So, if ya need a game for that ‘easter lan party’ this game can be purchased through steam for a small amount of cash (not sure of actual price).

Happy Easter!


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