Shootmania – First impressions (Beta)

Last night I got my beta key to ‘Shootmania’, the new fps from Nadeo and Ubisoft. I am a fan of their earlier game, Trackmania, and have spent a lot of hours both racing and building tracks there for the last 3 years or so.

(take a look at the server “Panzerwax Forever” under Norway and you’ll see) so I have been a little ‘geared up’ for this game you might say.

I got the key fairly late last night, so only managed to play 3-4 rounds on a french server (not that many servers up and running yet).
To be honest, I am not sure what I am thinking of it at this point. Yes, its fast running action, and I guess I do not have a full overview of it yet (are there more than one weapon?) but after 3-4 rounds I had the feeling that I was just running like h*ll, firing randomly around myself, hoping to hit something. No strategy, no teamplay (guess thats another map mode?) and stuff like that.

So, I headed over to the create a track part of the game, and started
getting creative. If you have built a track in TMNF you are familiar with the concept (almost identical), but the graphics on the tiles must be made much clearer and perhaps a bit more help-texts? Hard to figure out how to match the different pieces, and some pieces are almost impossible to decide what it is supposed to be. Guess this will be better in the official release (anyone from Nadeo or Ubisoft reading this?)

I know this is a closed beta, and that things hopefully will be more ‘professional’ in the official release but I have climbed down a few notches on my ‘this is gonna be awesome’ scale and are waiting for the release to see how it is finished.

The official Shootmania trailer:


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