The Secret World (Funcom)

It is no secret that I am from Norway and when Funcom, a norwegian developer studio is releasing their latest MMO with a promise that this will be something different than the average MOO out there, I was a bit sceptical. Then as the release got closer one learned that the game would have no classes, no levelsystem and the promise that you can make your character any way you want it. Sounded a bit ambitious to me to tell you the truth.

So, a week ago Funcom had a ‘free weekend’ to celebrate the one month mark of their game and i downloaded the 14gb that was needed to test the game and dived into the world of deceit, secret organisations, urban myths and a world filled up of zombies and other horrific creatures.First impresssion was of total chaos, but after like 10 minutes I started seeing patterns in the chaos and after an hour of play I was enjoying the game and the amount of quests that first ‘newbie’ area had to offer. I have played it for a week and have not been forced to grind anything to get the points I needed to advance my weapons further. (for a overview of the points system, look at the video at the bottom of this post.)

One thing that really makes this game stand out from all those standard ‘go kill 20 of those, 30 of those and get their hides at the same time’ type of quest based MMO’s is the variety of quests and the storyline that you actually want to keep track off. You get hints to the ‘lore’ of the place too, where ya have to unlock pieces of it from various locations around the world to get to know what have happened and the ‘truth’ behind it all. The quests are very well thought off and some of em actually requires you to die in order to be able to solve the mystery, and a ‘branch’ of quests are marked as investigator quests where you actually have to find stuff outside the game to be able to solve the quest ingame. One of the quests even had me read the bible for clues

Sometimes you feel a bit small….

So, whats not so good about it then?

Well, you got a few glitches and bugs that I assume will be fixed asap but with a month under its belt this is a very minor issue. The AI of the zombies could have been a little bit better, where you by jumping a fence forces the zombies to run along it searching for a gateway of some sort. What really lacks is a bigger variety of how you look, the unique style that is just you…and that fellow over there, and ..yes, that group of people over there too… there is only a ‘few’ faces and hairstyles to chose from and very limited choice of clothes. You can not change the type of figure of your character so everyone is running around looking like they have been two years confined in a gym. Rumors have it that this is something Funcom will work on for an update that is scheduled to come late august, so one is crossing his fingers.

I could fill a couple of ‘pages’ more with stuff from this game, but as a closer let me just add that it has a good dungeon system too and a PvP mode / area that I have not yet tested (been to busy doing quests *smile*).


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