Problems in Middle-Earth

You may be aware of that one of the games I play most, is the MMO called ‘Lord of The Rings Online’ who went F2P 1.5 years ago (check it out at There have been a lot of updates to the game, both expansions, patches and bugfixes through the six years it has been up and running, and recently (a couple of weeks) Turbine, the developer, released the Update 11. Thats when the ‘sh*t hit the fan’ for the people that enjoys the roleplaying aspect of it, and the unique music system Lotro has in their game.

You see, in Lotro (Lord of the Rings Online) you are able to pull out an instrument and either play ‘freehand’ where you use your keyboard to play the tunes, or you can play premade music files (abc files) either alone or in a group up to 24 people (!) if the tune has that many parts. This has resultet in a great numbers of fantastic (and some not so good ) ingame bands, where people team up and performs for other players. There are concerts and even big festivals where people make a new toon on other servers then they usually play on, to be able to attend the event.

In Update 11, the music system got a serious bug that makes all stringed instruments ingame useless in 90% of the areas of the Middle-Earth. You see the tones flow from your instrument, but it is dead quiet. Nobody can hear your tune at all 😦

There are overfilled threads about this on the official forums, there are blogposts about it everywhere, and ‘a ton’ of bug reports have been filed on the subject. It is said that Turbine is aware of the problem  and that they are looking into it, but there is no note about it on the official ‘this is the bugs in update 11’ list they maintain on the official forums.

…and it is only four weeks to Weatherstock 😦

What is Weatherstock ya might say? Well, i said something about festivals, right? This is the biggest one of them. 10 bands and 500+ people showing up to dance and cheer on their favorites.
Here is a video from last year…

So we, the population in Middle-Earth who has the music system (currently broken) in Lotro as the main ingredience to keep playing, is hoping the developers can find a fix to this big issue as fast as possible, or it will be quite empty in the street of the major cities throughout the Middle-Earth where you can hear the dusttumblers roar through the streets…

Not a good glimpse of the future, do you not all agree?



One thought on “Problems in Middle-Earth

  1. One of my to do lists …learn to play an instrument.
    I was intending to try and make it this year to Weatherstock as well…

    I really hope they sort out the problems…


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