= WarFace =

So, not been many new games lately for me I’m afraid. Reason being that Lotro have taken way to much time lately, but I am trying to correct that a little now, by sneaking in a new game or two occasionally.

The latest game I have tried is a free-2-play game from Crytek (the people behind Farcry and Crysis), called WarFace . I must admit I was a bit sceptical when one heard that Cytek was releasing a F2P game as a first person shooter, and images of ‘Battlefield Heroes’ flashed in front of my eyes. I am very glad to say I was sceptical without any reason. The game is really good, and the graphic is more than adequate for this type of game. (take a look at youtube for ingame videos).

What really got me interested in this game was the atmosphere it creates. It is almost like I am back into the good old ‘Battlefield 2’ / ‘Battlfield 1942’ mood when playing, and no, that is not a bad thing. I have only played the ‘Co-op’ part of the game (oh, yes forgot to mention that it got a co-op modus) and this is real fun 🙂
You are up to five friends or ‘people with the same goal’ across the internet that work together to clear sections of various scenarioes at a time. You are being transported in with a helicopter and need to get from the drop-point to the extraction point on the other side. This makes it around 10-15 minutes pr level (if you survive) and the level is quite good designed and contains a lot of targets 🙂 There is also different types of scenarios. Some is basic ‘run through and kill everything’ type of scenarioes, thn you got stuff like the ‘convoy’ where you are supposed to protect a moving wehicle, or ‘Mech’ where you need to take out some heavy weaponsystem (I owuld call this a ‘boss-fight’ in other games). I am sure there are other scenarioes too, but I have not got that far up in the ranks yet.

The weapons and classes are like most other fps games, but with a few touches in type of armour and if it is permanent or just hired for a time period. Everything is bought with ingame cash, and since this is a f2p game there is possibilities to buy ingame currency with real-life cash. (they need to make money somehow). I am sticking to the f2p model though, and have got a few bucks in my wallet by now 🙂

Something with a bit of a twist is that you need to go through the tutorials for each class to unlock them. You start with assault, and you get the sniper tutorial quite quickly after that. Then in a level or two you will get the medic and the mechanic too. All have different ways of playing, and you learn a couple of nifty tricks in these tutorials too.

I have had some real fun in this game and if you are looking for a good fps game you can play with your mates where ‘working together’ is a keyword, fast paced action (but not ‘insane speed’ like COD), this is the game you should try.

It is website based with the requirement of a plugin added to your browser to be able to play.

A trailer for the game

Ingame footage


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