– Amnesia –

Ok, never thought I would review a game i’ve only played like 10-15 minutes in total, AND give it a good review, but this is one of those games 🙂

Amnesia is the creepiest shit I’ve ever played on my computer. I am no fan of horror movies and related media, so a game that have the sole purpose to scare the shit out of you is not high up on my list of ‘games to do’, but you know ‘curiosity killed the cat’, so I had to test it.

The game is basically a survival game, where you wake up deep into a dark and abandoned castle with a bad case of ‘Amnesia’. Yes, this tagline have been used before, but Amnesia have a little twist. You do not have any weapons at all. Yes, thats correct. You can pick up things and combine things (like matches and a candles), but you can not use them as a weapon. So, basically the tactic is to run and hide if you encounter anything horrible on your way through dark, dusty…and ’empty’ corridors.

Cozy place, eh?

One of the rather special features with this game is the play between darkness and light. One thing is the graphics that uses this to create some horrible good atmospheric moods (and the excellent soundtrack ‘does not help’ either 🙂 ), but they have also added it into the gameplay itself.

You see, if you have a lit candle/lantern you are feeling fine but the problem is that light is like a beacon for everything horrible within a certain area around you. “So, just turn it off and go through it in the dark”, you might think? Not that easy… if your in the dark, you slowly loose your sanity and you’ll probably die if it goes long enough. (Never tested that though, 15 min playtime, remember?)

So, this is the game that made me stop playing it cause my heart was trying to jump out through my chest and strangle me because I was trying to run it through this nightmare of a game. If you like horror, mystery, very fast heartrate and to scream like a little girl, then this is the game for you. Its excellent.

There are also a ‘sport’ in videotaping yourself playing this game and put it out on youtube.
Here is a couple of them:


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