Smallworld (board game)

This blog is supposed to be about computer games, but I will make an exception for this board game. (yes, its a analogue game(!) played without a computer 0.o ).

Last summer me and some friends decided that we wanted to have a analogue gaming weekend, so we gathered up resources (beer), drove to a friends place, and dusted off some good old games we used to play in the past. We are talking about ‘Risk II’, ‘Axis and Allies’ and other games in that genre. One of the fellows brought a new game onto the table though, that we had never tested before, and it became one of our favorites quite quickly.

The game is named ‘SMALLWORLD’ and if you got a streek of ‘fantasy inspired’ gamingcells in you, this is a veery good boardgame.

Its basically a ‘conquer the map’ type of game with fantasy forces with random different abilities (see video for more information). Its well designed and very balanced, and the random factor when it comes to the races gives a game where the board can change ‘hands’ from one round to the other. (you operate several races through one round of the game, and here is also some of the strategy placed 🙂 ).

Its hard to describe in a blog how this game is working, so have added a youtube video that explains the subject quite well:

So, if you want a game to play with your friends (up to 5 people) and are tired of the old games in your closet, this is a good choice for something new to play. Enjoy!


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