Another free FPS game that I’ve played recently, is a mechwarrior fps called ‘Hawken’. This is standard arena type fps, where you step into a big Mech and start the hunt for the other team 🙂

I got like a couple of hours in this game, trying to figure out the controls of the Mech. It got the normal wads controls and weapons on the mouse, but it also got some extra moves like 180 spinn, sidesteps and other stuff, that needs a bit traning to get into your fingers (and remember in the heat of the battle). And you also got jumpjets 🙂

There is a nice, easy to follow, ‘training session’ in the game that shows you how to operate the Mech and gives you a few tips and tricks on how to do basic stuff a bit easier.

So, what do I think of this game?
After not to much playtime in it, it seems like a solid piece of game to me, and I’m looking forward to play this against some real life friends on a LAN party i’m attending in a couple of weeks, and it seems like you dont need a lot of practice to be able to do some havoc 🙂

I think I’ll add this to the ‘Loadout’ post as a game that would fit a night with your friends and a couple of beers.

If you have any strong viewpoints on this game (or any of the other I’m talking about on this blog) please leave a comment below.

This video can also explain a bit better than I can, due to short playtime myself, about why you should give this game a try


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