Theme Hospital (Oldie)


One of the really old games I still play today, is old ‘Theme Hospital’ from Bullfrog Entertainment. Its old, its wacky, HD is something it has never heard of but there is something about this game that makes me take it out once in a while to give it some airing.

You are the manager of a run-down hospital where, mysteriously enough, everything inside the walls are gone from the previous owners, and you need to rebuild it all from scratch. This means new rooms, equipment, hiring personell like janitors, nurses, doctors etc and basically get a hospital up and running. I agree that the graphics of this game aint the best, but the humor and the way the controls are made really sucks you into the gameplay, and before you know it you have goen through a couple of levels and you start to wonder where the last week went 🙂

‘Theme Hospital’ was made in 1997, and there are several attemps to create a new version of the idea (like Hospital Tycoon), but up to now, noone have managed that quite right yet (my own opinion). So, ‘Theme Hospital’ is freeware/Abandonware and should be easily found downloadable with a quick search on Google, and are a good choice if you want some retro-wacky-simulation game to go with that nice cold IPA you got lined up in the fridge 🙂

Intro video

Some gameplay


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