World in Conflict

A game I am not sure why I have not talked about before, is the fantastic ‘World in Conflict’ that came out some years ago. I do not know how to start to talk about this game without stating that this is the best game I have ever played in the genre big,massive, RTS/Simulator game based on warfare.

‘World in Conflict’ was released in 2007 by Massive Entertainment (from Sweden) (distributed by Sierra for Microsoft) and Ubisoft and the Wiki says

The game is set in 1989 during the social, political, and economic collapse of the Soviet Union. However, the title postulates an alternate history scenario where the Soviet Union pursued a course of war to remain in power. Failing to achieve aid diplomatically, Soviet forces invade Western Europe and the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. The player assumes the role of First Lieutenant Parker, a United States Army officer who serves with the disgraced Captain Bannon, under the command of Colonel Sawyer.

This is the only game I have played of this type where you do NOT fast-forward through the cutscenes in singleplayer mode, and yes the singelplayermode is veery good indeed. Excellent story, atmosphere and gameplay make this a feast to play, and you have not played anything quite like this before. You really get the feeling that your in the middle of something very epic. They have actually managed to make you care about your characters and the hell they are going through during the different missions, that even takes you into Norway and a meeting with the norwegian ‘Telemark Bataljonen’ (special military branch), and in a game like this…. well, not seen that anywere else I must admit.

The multiplayer part of it is also something a bit different than the usual jump into something / pick up a weapon and go bananas type of game. This needs planning on the team thats playing, due to one have spesific roles when ya enter the battleground. You got tank divisions, airforce, artillery and so on, and you can only pick one type for each game. This might sound a bit dumb, but trust me…this is a tactical masterpiece by the developers, and it makes the players actually work together to reach the goal of victory. Its just awesome 🙂

A few videos of the game



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