Black and White 2

The first version of Black & White was something I never had the chance to play, but one heard some rumors that it was a good game, so when I got my hands on the second one, ‘Black & White 2’, I installed it and fired it up with some coffee and snacks in reach 🙂

Basically, you are a God. You know, like that fellow they say created heaven and earth and so on. This means that you need to gain followers to grow in strength, and you can do this by either being good or evil (or a golden middlepath if you so choose). The game mechanics are micro-controlling the lives of ‘ordinary’ people, and you help them with everything from creating cities, making armies to conquer those other stupid people that do no believe in You, the ‘only true’ God… 🙂

Hours are not the right timeframe to use here, but days… and they fly past quite quickly if you do not pay attention to the change of daylight outside. To help you in your journey towards ‘world domination’ you have a manifest of yourself as a ‘pet’ on the surface. As you start the game you can choose from a list of available pets (like a monkey or a wolf) thats the size of a house and thats needs training to grow both in strength and intelligence. You can also use this pet in warfare towards those unbelievers and other Gods out there.. (you did not think you where the only one, did you?)

Yes, there are other Gods out there, and you will meet them as you expand your territory and tries to claim their part of the world…. and surprise, they got a pet too…

All in all is Black & White 2 a good game, and you can easily loose ‘a day or two’ by playing this if you are interested in RTS and Simulation games as this game is a kind of version of.

A video about the gameplay


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