Grim Fandango (Oldie)

One of the most curious, weird and ‘what the heck do i do now?’ type of game I have ever played (beside Monkey Island) is ‘Grim Fandango’ from LucasArt, published in 1998.

Where to start explaining this game is not easy, but lets start with the ‘obvious’. You are the Grim Reaper…. or rather one of ’em, employed in the Grim company, as one of the ‘soultakers’. Yepp, death have become business…and guess what, your at the bottom of the corporate ladder.

This is a ‘point and click’ game like previously mentioned ‘Monkey Island’ and the puzzles and ways to play this game and climb the corporate ladder is totally insane. I have no idea of how many times I have almost ripped hair out of my head in frustration and how many times i’ve smiled like a overheated sun when i finally got a task completed by sheer luck / heavy thinking outside of the ‘box’.

The atmosphere in this game is excellent, and you easily get a 1920’ies eerie movie feeling of your surroundings, and the story itself is well made too.

This games was remastered this year and republished, but I have not yet tested this version of the game, so this is based on the original version.

If you love games where you have to turn your brain inside out / try and try and try again to get things right (like that ‘ace of spades’… *sigh*), you will love this game for sure. If you get frustrated and throws the screen out of the window by simple ‘mystery games’, this is NOT for you at all. (consider yourself warned 🙂 ).

The original trailer



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