Creativerse (F2P, Early Access)

SO, I’ve always said I would not start to play Minecraft due to various reasons not mentioned here, but a week ago i downloaded another open-sandbox game from Steam that is based on the same mechanics/gameplay.

The name of it is ‘Creativerse’ and its free2play and in early access these days.

This is a game that has a lot of similarities with minecraft (you have to be blind to not see that) but there is also a lot of differences, and lets start with the obvious one, Graphics. Like a friend of mine said here the other day we were exploring a cave together, this game compared to MC even needs to spin up my graphic cards processor 🙂 The graphic in this game is way better than minecraft. Much higher texturepackages, lightning, atmospheric details and even the sky makes this game a feast for the eye.

It follows the usual gameplay of resource-gathering, crafting and building like both Minecraft and Trove does, but here you got recipies you need to make on one tier, to be able to craft higher tier items later. This makes it a bit more of a challenge to get to the good stuff. You also needs special items to be able to mine different types of ore, and different types of mining equipment to be able to dig through all types of stones and dirt…. and yes… there is even stuff below the lava-level of the world…. 🙂

Me and some of my friends have had a blast playing this game for the last week, and if you want something fun, relaxing, scary (night-creatures are a bit ‘aggressive’ ya might say) then download the game from Steam (aprox 700Mb) and start building 🙂


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