Unreal Engine 4 – Free!

Its been over half a year since i made a post about ‘Unreal Development Kit 3’ that was released as a freebie from Epic Games. I’ve played around with that one for a little while, and its an awesome piece of software.

Then I saw, by accident, that Unreal have released their ‘Unreal Engine 4‘ as a free software for everyone to enjoy and I could not hit the ‘download’ button fast enough 🙂 This was last friday, and have been playing a bit around with it this weekend, and its just awesome. This got everything, support for everything else, and when you get the ‘know how’ of it, the possibilities are almost endless of what you can do with it.

I will just let a few pictures (grabbed from the net) speak for themselves…

A few words from Epic Games Founder and CEO, Tim Sweeney

A quick look at the software itself

A fellow that makes a ‘Mountain Trail’ scene in UE4 (just awesome).

So, nothing more left for you to do than download the software and start cracking on those tutorials 🙂 If you make something in UE4 you would like me to ‘review’ on this blog, give me an email at gmail with my name before the @ 🙂


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