‘Level Up Norge’ is back in action!

The gamer-people in Norway got some sad news right before Christmas last year, when the popular online tv-magasine ‘Level Up’ was cancelled by ‘VG‘ (one of the biggest newspapers in Norway) from their online tv-channel. This was due to cuts in the overall costs of the media-house, and a similar thing have happened in other media-houses in this country too. The main ‘engines’ on this show is the hosts ‘Rune Fjeld Olsen’ and ‘Karl Martin Hogsnes’ and the numbers of freelancers and ‘behind the camera’ people that made the show so good to watch.

After this bit of news the fans of the show was ‘all over’ internet giving their regards and support to the show, support groups popped up everywhere, and a ‘where the heck do we keep updated now’ type of atmosphere was starting to spread. It was a sad time indeed… 😦

Then, last week, Rune and Karl Martin proclaimed that they had quitted their jobs in VG (they were going to be a part of the newsdesk there in the future) and was going to start their own production company to keep ‘Level Up’ alive and kicking, and a overwhelming support through their Youtube / Facebook pages and the page on Patreon have now made it possible to really get the concept off the starting block. I am really looking forward to how Level Up will shape its course in the years ahead.

Good luck to you guys! (Rune to the left, Karl Martin to the right)

I know I got thousands of norwegian gamers with me when I say that we hope ‘Level Up’ will be with us for many more years to come, and good luck to everyone that is involved in this new company…or I should rather say ‘New Era’ in norwegian gaming news.

– Grymrock

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