Settlers 2 (Oldie, F2P)

A game I played a lot around 20 years ago, was the legendary ‘Settlers 2 Gold edition’. This is micromanagement at its best and the feeling you got when you managed to make everything run smoothly and the god of resources was on your side is something that is missing in games of today, if ya ask me. Then a few days ago, I started up the 10 years anniversary version of it, and hours went past in matter of ‘seconds’ 🙂

I discussed the game with some of the people from our gaming-clan here in Oslo, and it turned out that the 10 years anniversary version came out 10 years ago (!) so it makes the original game 20 years old, released in 1996… thats amazing. It feels much younger than that (or it might be me thats getting to old 🙂 ). The Anniversary version has some graphics improvement compared to the original one, and Ubisoft had also put their new engine (of the time) into the game to make
it more ‘3D’ish’ and stuff like that.

As I said, this game is 20 years old, so its hard to find on the game-shelves of your local gamedealer, but it seems to be a free-download these days so you can get it for example here: Softonic download link. Just be sure you got a couple of weeks free to check it out, cause you’ll need it 🙂

Lets play video of the start of Settlers 2:


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