Mechwarrior Online (F2P, MMFPS)

The hunt for games to test and give a quick review of continues, and this time its the massive multiplayer online game, called Mechwarrior Online.

Have you ever seen a scifi movie where a fellow climbs up into a big robot with guns, rockets, jumpjets and what-not-of-ultra-cool-hardware, and instantly dreamed that it was you that could do that? ‘Mechwarrior Online’ is the answer you are looking for. Huge Battlemechs are yours to command (and steer) and huge lasers, cannons, even rockets are ‘standard equipment’ on these futuristic battle-machines. 🙂

The site of Mechwarrior Online explain the game like this:
The battlefields of the 31st century are perilous, dominated by mechanized units known as BattleMechs. Piloting these advanced war machines are the most elite soldiers the galaxy has ever known. To most, they are known simply as MechWarriors.

Piloting a ‘Mech to victory requires a mastery of tactical positioning, teamwork, and firing discipline. Strike out as a Lone Wolf or seek out one of the many player-controlled Units and fight under the banners of powerful galactic empires for prestige, wealth, or nothing more than the sheer thrill of battle.

This is a very brief ‘review’ of this game, due to the lack of time I’ve had to test it out. In other words, I’ve just finished the ‘training course’ and have yet to see actual player to player combat, but out of what I’ve seen through the training, this might be a good game for playing with friends. If you have ever played ‘World of Tanks’, the way to control the Mech is the same. Aka, your legs are going one way while your view might be in the opposite direction. Might take a bit to get used to, but should not be a problem after a bit of training. Graphics are good, sound and controls are quite good (they even have a own ‘keyboard layout’ you can get onscreen to show you whats what (and when almost the entire keyboard is in use in this game, this is quite useful 🙂 ).

I will update this review after I’ve had some actual PvP gameplay in it, and if you have a comment on it, I would love to hear it in the comment field on this post.

You can see more on their Youtube channel, and its free to download on Steam

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