Istrolid (F2P, Indie)

Ok, so my normal browse through the Steam library of free to play games made me press ‘play’ on a game called Istrolid that caught my interest. Did not know anything about the game before, and was not totally convinced by the screenshots and the video, but decided to give it a go.


It started out simple with a little tutorial on how to move your fleet, how to build the spaceships, and then your thrown out into the game. Sure, the graphics are not much to look at, but the gameplay is awesome. I played like 10 maps before I knew what I was doing, just building ships, reconstructing them and so on to get that last ounce of firepower and moveability out of them. Tbe objective is quite simple. Capture the enemiies area / planets, and the victory is yours. Sounds simple? Think again 🙂

This is one of the most innovative new games I’ve played in a while, and I highly recommend you download this little gem and give it a go. It even has multiplayer, but have sadly not have the chance to test this feature yet.


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