This War of Mine

Today is the last day of the Steam‘s Summer Sale, and during this sale I have picked up ‘a few’ games I’ve been curious to try out for a while (they got some really good deals at the moment 🙂 ).

One of these are a game named This War of Mine and it is, in my opinion, a veery good game.

The Steam page says it like this:
“In This War Of Mine you do not play as an elite soldier, rather a group of civilians trying to survive in a besieged city; struggling with lack of food, medicine and constant danger from snipers and hostile scavengers. “

This means no going in with your guns blazing but more.. ‘dang, hope noone see me looting this building that might or might not be empty… I just need some food’ type of scenario. If you have played ‘Fallout Shelter’ on your mobile device, this is its very big brother type of game. You steer three characters that have joined forces due to the ongoing war that have sealed off the city they are living in. No shops, no law and order… you need to survive on your own.

Your gang is located in a house that have ‘seen its better days’, and you need to make it liveable for your people by crafting items, gathering resources by trading with others or plunder ’empty’ buildings elsewhere in the city. This is not easy, to say it mildly. Resources are not easy to get to and the constant fear of someone doing the same to your place while your out ‘looking for loot’ in the nights, makes a rather hard ‘should I stay or should I go’ type of scenarios.

The gameplay is divided up into day and night scenarios. During the day, you use the resources you have found to make crafting tables, rainwater gatherers\other needed implements for your shelter and making tools for various purposes. If one of the members of your gang is sick or heavily wounded, you should also try to make them better….if you got the medicine/bandages that is needed… During the night, you need to decide who gets to sleep, who needs to guard the shelter and who you would send out scavenging during the night time. After this choice is made, you steer the fellow that is out scavenging and leaves the other two (or more later on) to defend the shelter on their own.

The gameplay is excellent, but one of the things that make this game stand out is the way it plays on your emotions. I found myself quite quickly starting to really care about the characters I was playing at the moment, and even the surrounding npc’s. Like, as an example, those two kids that knocks on your door to ask for medicine for their very sick mother…and you do not have what they need to give to them and have to send them away empty handed… or the woman you might meet in an empty house that is starving, and would die in a few days without food… you forget about her (or I did) and visited the house a few days later on new search for loot, and find her dead almost where you found her the first time… yeah.. 😦 Any morale type of choices you make for your characters will also inflict the character itself, so doing to much of ‘F*you, I do not care about others’ choices and your characters will start to question the big issues in life…and depression and insanity will quickly follow…

The war goes on for somewhere between 25-45 days ( I think this is a random generated number for each game?) and the goal is to make it to the end still alive. The question is, are you able to do that…and how many other people have you ‘pressed down’ to be able to get there? If you have a even a small piece of empathy in your soul…this is no easy task..

I’ve had a blast with this game and still have, and I honestly can say that in this genre (survival games) this game is one of the best I’ve ever played.

Game trailer



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