Payday 2

‘Payday 2’ is a game that has been out since 2013 (with a remake in 2015) but I have never earlier thought that this was a game that I wanted to try out for myself. It was almost under the radar you might say. Then, during the Steam Summer Sale this summer, it was cheap enough that I bought a version of it and gathered some friends to start playing it (the Panzerwax Clan here in Norway).

What a game!
I have for several years searched for a game with a playability and feel like we got in the masterful ‘Battlefield 2’, and this game is the closest thing I have ever come to this feeling. It takes like 2-3 minutes and your controls are back into your fingertips and the game grows from there. The graphics, the atmosphere, the arsenal of weapons…everything adds up to a very fun time 🙂

So, whats it all about then?
This is a four player co-op game where you and your three pals (or random weirdos from the internet) are a gang of ‘tight knitted professional criminals’ out doing Heists for cash and glory (well, mostly for the cash really…). Cash you spend on better equipment and very ‘classy looking’ masks to hide your face while shooting cops… 🙂 (‘Yes officer, I’m sure it was Nixon that robbed that jewelry store..’).

The Heists you can do in this game is very different from each other. You got ordinary bank robberies, jewel store heists and stuff like that to liberating a plane (while airborne) from their cargo of freshly pressed dollars by showing them out the backdoor and jumping after them in a parachute. You got weapon deals, how to cook meth for profit, revenge, conterfeits and almost all kind of illegal activity that fits into the scheme of the game.

So, if you are looking for a fun game for a small lan-party, or just want to have fun with online friends (Teamspeak or Ventrilo is highly recommended) this is a veery nice game to play 🙂

I was supposed to post this post ‘ages ago’ but have spent the time playing the game instead (almost every night for the last two months) and I’ve now come to around lvl 450… (max lvl is 2500!) And the game just get better and better. A word of wisdom though. This is a game where you have the basic game for like 15-20$, and you can manage fine with it due to the fact that if you play together with people that have any of the map-DLC’s you can join in on the map without owning it yourself.

The game has a huuge list of DLC’s though, and if you want some really ‘spiffy’ weapons, you need the various DLC’s for those (like the BBQ weapon dlc, Gauge weapons #1 and #2, Ninja weapon pack and so on..). Just be warned there are a lot of DLC’s you dont need like various soundtracks and so on :)). If you buy ’em all, your quickly looking at a price tag at about 125-130$ for everything….

So, my tip is to wait for a super-sale om steam / black friday sale, where the price is down by 75% and get the dlc’s then.

Happy playing, and I use my nick ‘Grymrock’ in Payday if ya want to team up for a fight 🙂

The official trailer:

And a hillarious ‘first lets play’ with four dudes that plays Payday 2 for the first time on a concole *grins*


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