Mad Bullets (Shooter, Oldie)

Do you remember the days where the best thing in the world was to visit the local arcade hall, or some shady cafe with an arcade-machine blinking its neon-lights towards you in the darkest corner of the room?
The chance then is that you are almost as old as me and have a soft spot for those old retro games that surfaces from time to time (if you do not know what I’m talking about, you should do some game-history lessons on google 🙂 ).

This was the days…..

One of the genres that was popular in the early days, was shooters with plastic pistols/rifles that was attached to the machine with a heavy-duty cable (no wifi in those days) that made you able to point and shoot at anything that moved on the screen in front of you. Right before Christmas I took a stroll through the vinter Steam-Sale, and picked up a game in this genre for almost nothing (and its still dirt-cheap). It is called Mad Bullet and it is a ‘automatic-walking, shoot the bad guys’ type of game.

Just point and shoot and see how far you can get 🙂

Nothing more to say about this game than its a rather good one. Good graphics, a very good sound-score and cool sound effects (if you like this type of game) and if not, you have only wasted a better part of a dollar, no big deal 🙂
I play it through Steam, but it is also available for IOS and Android as well.


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