Heavy Metal Machines (F2P)

It is getting closer to the springversion of our local LAN party for the Clan here in Oslo, and we are always on the lookout for new games to play on these occasions. A little free 2 play game we downloaded and tested a few days ago is called ‘Heavy Metal Machines’ and is a mouse-steered top-down racing game with guns and fast paced action 🙂

Well, me and two friends (‘Sjanten’ and ‘Fix’ from the Clan) downloaded this little game from Steam (2.2Gb) and fired it up to give it a go. With cool graphics for a top-down game, and a bit cheezy background story in a rather quick tutorial that covered the basics, we were ready to do our first match against real people…

The map…

A very easy and simplified ‘whats this’:
– Classified as a Rock’n’Roll MOBA
– Take a look at the map above.
– The Bomb is in the middle.
– You capture the bomb, drag the bomb to the other teams yard, bomb goes off, you earn a point!
– All cars are different spec’ed, different weapons, mass, speed etc.
– All cars thats not dragging the bomb can take shortcuts (red areas)
– did i mention that the other cars have weapons?
– If you lose the bomb, the other team can pick it up and make a run for your yard etc.

Its no secret that we lost the match 3 – 0 rather quickly (not even sure we saw their part of the map to be honest) but it gave us a taste of what this game can give of future enjoyment in a LAN setting (where we all are at the same level 🙂 ), and we think this one can give us quite a good night of gaming. We played this on computers with the keyboard and mouse layout (weapons on the keyboard, steering and trottle on the mouse) something that was ‘a bit’ unnatural to play with (needs some practice) but it is also playable with a gamepad of some sort, something we have not tested but think will make it a bit more intuitive to play.

Well, its a free to play, so why not take a look for yourself?

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