The Long Dark – ‘Wintermute’

Its finally here, The Long Dark is out with the release of the first two chapters of the five part story-mode for the game (as promised) on the 1st of August. (If you have never heard of this game, do a little backtrack on this site to find my previous post about it).

It is no secret that, for me, this is one of the best survival games I have ever played. The atmosphere, setting, game play and ‘general feeling’ of the game is superb, and I have been waiting for the story mode for some time now. so it was with a bit of nervousness that i kicked off the first episode a couple nights ago, to see if it was as good as I hoped.

so, after a couple hours playtime I’m quite satisfied I think. I Have ventured a bit into the story rather quickly, due to my ‘few’ hours earlier playing the sandbox maps, and its rather good with a few minor details that was a bit disappointing. The story starts with the prelude to the crash (as this is the background story for the entire game) and the first part is a story-driven way to get to know your surroundings, how your inventory work, whats important and so on (more or less a tutorial for never-played-before players). This means, as an exprienced player, the start might be a tad slow-moving when you get ‘you have no use for that yet’ when you try to collect some of the resources around you.

I will not go into the story here, due to that would be a way to big spoiler, but the other point that was a bit immersion breaking is the dialogue. Its good, no problem there, but when you got voice actors (good ones too) that voices the conversations then suddenly its gone when you have to make a choice of what you want to ask/talk about (similar to the system in Mass Effect) there is no voice-over to the questions/replies you give/get from others. And this is in the same scene so it ‘kills the atmosphere’ a bit I dare to say. Besides that, its well worth the play (so far anyway) 🙂

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