Star Trek Online

I have not played that many MMO’s through the years but I have been playing Lotro regulary for the last 7-8 years and also been through some more ‘lesser known’ ones from time to time. Then I saw ‘Star Trek Online‘ mentioned somewhere a while ago while out ‘surfing the web’, and thought that I maybe should try this MMO just to give the fantasy-genre a break 🙂 So i downloaded it, and started it up a couple of days ago.

The Wikipedia says this about this game:
Star Trek Online is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) developed by Cryptic Studios based on the Star Trek series created by Gene Roddenberry. The game is set in the 25th century, 30 years after the events of Star Trek: Nemesis.[4] Star Trek Online is the first massively multiplayer online role-playing game within the Star Trek franchise and was released for the Microsoft Windows platform in February 2010

I discovered rather quickly that this MMO is a rather old one and its quite obvious when you start your first ‘on the ground’ mission. The characters and fight system is not quite up to date, but its not that bad either. I have just got a couple of hours playtime in the game up until now so I am still in a bit of a ‘how does this stuff work’ modus, but I think I’m getting the hang of it so we’ll see how it goes from here.

So, what is the first impression you might ask? Well, I’ve a fan of space-stuff generally and the idea of stepping into the realm of one of the biggest tv-shows of all time seems like a good idea. During the first half-hour or so though, I was thinking to myself that this goes a bit fast when it comes to the story. You get your own ship in like ‘a heartbeat’ and a crew that is lojal and all that (without you, in my opinion, have earned it yet) but I guess this is to get people faster into the ‘fun part’ of the game roaming around the galaxy in your own spaceship (mine is named U.S.S Panzerwax) doing good deeds for the good of all man-and-alien kind.

It seems to me that there is some main hubs where you roam freely and can interact with what or whoever you want, but when you get to a star-system you start a story-part of the game (a quest story if ya like) and play that until its finished. Then you jump back into one of the hubs and find another mission to accomplish. Nothing to gain from the area after the mission is finished when it turns into what I have decided to call ‘dead space’. Just space with some good looking planets hanging around (that you can not land on) wondering why you are still watching them 🙂

Do I think its any good then?
This is most likely not a game i’m going to spend ‘years’ in, but a place to stop by now and then to do a misssion or two is something I easily can see myself doing. The space battles are quite good, the amount of loot you get and the storyline is also appealing to me. Ofcourse, with 10’ish years of tv-episodes to take from the stories are already quality approved, and if you have seen your fare share of Star Trek episodes you will see familiar faces, names and even events played out in this game. It is free-to-play so you can easily test it for yourself, but i have a feeling you can spend a lot of cash int this game with micro-transactions (cosmetic stuff and similar) and expansions to the core game. I have not yet gotten to that point though so I am still enjoying the free-aspect of it.

If you are a more experienced citizen of the Star Trek Universe than me, I would love to hear your views in the comment field below.

The F2P Trailer

Another review of the game:

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