Planet Coaster

Like several times earlier a game peaked my interest through other peoples lets play’s, and this time it was the norwegian youtuber named ‘Addexio’ (he streams in Norwegian) that made me put the game on my wishlist.
This Christmas sale on Steam gave me the game for 75% off, so I downloaded it and started playing.

This is the ultimate build simulator!
Just to make it clear. This is an awesome game. If you are into ‘simulators where you control everything down to the way the pavement is covered’ this is your wet dream ūüôā vI have been playing different tycoon games earlier from rollercoaster, prison, different park thingies and so on, but this game took my breath away.
Fantastic graphics, very well made controllers and a control over the different parts of the game thats just excellent.

The game comes in three different ‘settings’. Career, Challenges and ‘sandbox’. ‘Career’ is a modus where you take over a rather poorly run theme park, and get the job to get it running smootly again through reaching certain goals for the park. ‘Challenges’ is more like a sandbox game where you have limited money and have to run the business side of the game together with building the park from scratch. You need to unlock rides and shops etc and all the time keep the guests/staff/rides happy and working smoothly. ‘Sandbox’ is what it says. Unlimited money and more a ‘lets go crazy and build whatever’ type of game.One of the cool things is that you can create a building/ride in sandbox mode, make a blueprint of it, and then insert it into your career or challenge game later (for a price ofcourse).

In this game you can build everything. You start with a blank canvas (except the career mode) with an entrance (that you actually can scrap and build a new if ya like) and then build everything from the paths, fences, buildings, flowerbeds, lights, water etc. You get a big amount of pieces that with a bit of imagination can turn into anything (do a search on youtube for ‘planet coaster’ and you’ll see some masterpieces). There are even people that have recreated famous Theme Parks down to the color of the pavement in this game 0.o…

So, if you like this type of game, then set yourself as ‘busy’ in the calendar for the next week, cause what you thought was going to be 1-2 hours will quickly turn into several days of playtime ūüôā

Planet Coaster Trailer

Planet Coaster Lets Play
by Flabaliki

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