Subnautica is finally here!

After a long time in ‘early access’ Unknown Worlds Entertainment have released their fantastic underwater survival game ‘Subnautica‘ to the masses. And what a game this is!

The game have been in early access for a few years, and your truly have been playing this game on and off for the last two years after picking it up due to watching a lets play from the earlier mentioned Mr Addexio (in norwegian language). I remember i spent the first 10-15 minutes just swimming around looking at everything (almost drowned a couple times due to not paying attention to my health bar) due to the awesome graphics and multitude of sea-life that surrounds you at all times. This is one of the most beatiful surival games I have ever seen (and have played quite a few of them 🙂 ).

So, what about the actual game you might ask yourself (I can not hear you, so just guessing here really..)
The story is quite simple. Your on a spaceship that went bonkers and crashlanded on a ocean planet somwhere far far away in a… right, erm.. you manage to get into a lifepod, detach yourself from the mothership and end up dipping on the ocean surface in the lifepod, watching the wreck of the mothership burning in the distance.
Luckily for you, the lifepod have a radio of some sort, a locker and a crafting station (replicator type of thingie if you have watched some Star Trek 🙂 ) that can turn raw materials into objects that can be used to survive the envirnonments. I will not say anything more about this but some of the items are just amazing and i have several times thought ‘dang, can i really make something like this??’ when i discovered a new blueprint.

You see, one of the first things you make is a ‘scanner’ that you can use to scan fragments of items you find laying around on the ocean floor. Your lifepod was not the only one onboard… and pieces and stuff from the mothership is spread all over the entire map. Usually 2-3 pieces of an item scanned, will give you a blueprint of that item and then your replicator can make the item for you if you find the raw material for it.

Lot of friendly ocean life in this game….

I have spent 40’ish hours in this game and I’m not even halfway through it yet. I have by choice not seen any letsplays (except that one from Addexio two years ago) but I hear rumors of ‘interesting stuff’ very deep down in the ocean (do not have good enough equipment yet to go so deep) and even that it should be possible to actually leave this planet in the end, but those are just rumors….

…and a few ‘a tiny bit’ bigger stuff too…

So, if you are looking for a very good survival game, with a very good crafting system and a sense of horror when you hear something roar behind you while your out diving searching for copper ores… this game is for you! 🙂

– Grym

Cinematic trailer:zbr>

Gameplay trailer:

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