7 Days 2 Die

This is a game I’m not sure why I have not written anything about yet, and its kind of strange since this is the game that I have played the most the last year or so (1500 hours and still playing it almost every night).
7 Days 2 Die is the best ‘Horror-survival-crafting-zombie’ game I’ve ever played, and that says a bit 🙂

7D2D is still in ‘alpha’ and has been there for the last 5’ish years, but this does not mean that the development has stopped / developers does not care about the game. Its rather the opposite. The game is currently in version Alpha 17.2, and the developers are ‘on the ball’ with major/minor updates very often. Its march when I write this, and A17 was released in december, and it has been two updates so far this year (17.1 and 17.2).

In 7D2D you basically is spawned into a huge wasteland’ish world, where an ‘apocolyptic event’ already has happened, and Zombies ‘roam the world’. You wake up in nothing but your underwear and got 7 days to ‘get up and running’ before the first BloodMoon happens (thats when the zombie population goes totally apeshit, comes in waves to see you, and wants to tear you up limb for limb and have a feast). Thats though when you play on a singleplayer map. If you join an online server, you might have bad luck and spawn in like 10 minutes before or during a Bloodmoon…and you do not got unlimited stamina….

You start out with a few starter quests thats designed to familiar you with the interface, and your first task is to gather a few stones, some grass and wood and craft this into a stone axe. It basically is like most other crafting games out there in this aspect, and you can end up with a 4×4 truck and a gyrocopter at ‘the end’.

Base built by an unknown player

Its a survival game, so your main goal is to stay alive, make yourself a place to live, and maybe kill a zombie or two. You can dig underground (and so can the zombies) and there are lots of towns and rural houses with loot (and zombies) in them to keep you occupied for a very long time 🙂

The 4×4 truck that came with the A17 update

I have, as I said at the beginning, played this game for over 1500 hours and I’m still playing it. I’m currently on a PvE server named ‘Yggdrasil’ as ‘Grymrock'(norwegian server, but with english as main chat-language) where I also doubles as a Moderator (helpful sod) for new players and so on. There are also pure PvP servers out there, and also mix of PvP/PvE servers. They all have their own set of rules from the local admins, so be sure to read helpfiles and ask about the ruleset before you set out to do something major online 🙂 (for example, on some servers your not alowed to build inside cities/take over pre-build houses etc).

So, to make it short. If you like survival games, dont mind a minor bug or two (its still in ‘alpha’) then you will not find a better game than this (my opinion). There is also a shitload of people out there that have looong ‘letsplays’ of this game (like ‘TomGirlGamer’ and ‘Games4kickz’) if you want a more indept knowledge of the game before trying it out for yourself.

Games4Kickz’s first episode from the A17 upgrade ‘letsplay’

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