Agent Alice (F2P, IP)

It was not with the biggest antipiation I picked up this game, Agent Alice, from the Play Store, due to the fact that games that involves CSI (crime scene investigation) usually means a story-driven gameplay, where your only supposed to help the story along with some button smashing and some ‘find the item on the picture’ type of gameplay…. and yeah, that is basically what this is.

So, what do you get out of this game then? Well, not a lot really… the storyline goes to fast to be a ‘deap hearth trobbing’ story, and you get the feeling that your only goal is to find the items as fast as possible (you will understand it if ya try it). But, if you are looking for a game to just chill while riding the bus, metro or do a few minutes of gameplay before bedtime this might be a game to consider. The graphics are good, even if its stationary 🙂

I guess the younger generation could like this game too, especially if they are fans of Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys. I, on the other hand, are looking for a bit more substance in a game, even if its a mobile game.