Beach Buggy Blitz (F2P)

I love a good racing game, like ‘Flatout’, ‘Trackmania’ and ‘Burnout’, and when I thought I should try to find a good, free racing game for my smartphone I went through quite a big heap of trash before I found a couple that was playable. First out is a game called ‘Beach Buggy Blitz‘. This is a racing game that has autospeed, and all you have to do is steer the vehicle and maybe hit the brakes once in a while to get through the landscape. Sounds simple enough, but its actually a bit challenging. The cars you got in the game have all different characteristics and for a mobile game, the handling feels real good and the graphics are very good.

Since this is a free game, the developers need to get coinage from somewhere, so there is some advertisement in this game. BUT, its up to you if you want to see it or not. When your device is connected to the internet, a small tv-icon lit up from time to time, you can chose to push to get a 15-30 sec advertisement played for you. This is 99% game related stuff too. The best part is that if you watch through one of those advertisement, you get a reward of 200 coins to your account in the game (for upgrading cars and stuff).

The goal of the game is to get furthest possible and on the way collect as many coins as possible. Yes, the concept have been used before (Granny Run, Temple Run etc), but after ‘a few’ hours with this game I can say that its a ‘tiny’ bit addictive 🙂

So, if you need a game to play on the bus, while taking a dump or just relaxing on the sofa after a long day at school/work, this might be a game to have a go at.