Fallout Shelter (F2P)

Ok, I know this game have been out for a while now, but I’ve not tested it before. I downloaded it from Play Store a couple of days ago, and i regretted the choice an hour later (I’ll get back to that later 🙂 ). ‘Fallout Shelter’ is a free game from Bethesda that is the developer of all the ‘Fallout’ games, together with ‘Skyrim’ and a bunch of other AAA games out there, and ‘Fallout Shelter’ is a free mobile game that I guess is a way of promoting the ‘big game’ through the mobile device. Be assured though, that ‘Fallout Shelter’ can stand on its own legs without the ‘help’ of its ‘big brother’ 🙂

The idea of the game, for those that have no clue what the ‘Fallout’ series are all about, is that the world is a wasteland after ‘everyone’ dropped their nukes at once. Its a couple of hundred years later, and in ‘Fallout Shelter’ your job as an overseer is to make an underground shelter for your people (and more people that shows up at your doorstep as the game progresses).

This is what you would call a micromanagement/simulation game, where you try to keep up with the daily activities in your shelter while making sure that you got enough clean water, electricity and food to keep everyone happy.

Does not sound like much? Then take a look at these pictures…

Early in the game…

A bit later….

So, why did i regret it so wery shortly after I downloaded it, ya might ask?
To put it simply… because I saw how this was going to ‘eat away’ my spare time 🙂 This game is addictive, to say it mildly, and there are tousands of people out there that are sharing strategies, build plans and status reports about their own builds, to ‘help’ you out when your stuck on a build for the @£$€@$€ number of attempt in a row to make it run smoothly.

So, if ya want a game on your mobile device (did not work on ‘Galaxy Tab 3’ though, not sure why) that is fun, addictive and…did I say addictive?
This is the game for you 🙂

Google Play link
Bethesda’s homepage
This game is also available on that ‘fruit-platform’ too I think…. 🙂

Game trailer

Lets play