Survive-Wilderness survival (F2P)

I installed ‘Bluestack’ the other day on my computer, and this makes me able to play Android games on my desktop environment. I currently have ‘Fallout Shelter’ on it (read another review on this site about that game) and a few others I’m going to make a review of, and one of these are ‘Survive – Wilderness survival’. This game is one of those games that gives ‘simplicity’ a new orientation due to its lack of moving graphic but veery addictive gameplay.

I have recently watched a lot of ‘lets play’s’ of a game called ‘The Long Dark’ (no, have not played it myself yet) and i love that game even without first-hand experience with it. So, a thought hit me, maybe there is something similar on the Google Play site?

I hit in ‘survive’ in the search field and grabbed one ‘F2P’ game that had above 4+ in rating on the site. That one was ‘Survive – Wilderness survival‘. The first impression of this game was that this is the mobile, stripped down version of ‘The Long Dark’ with a little twist. You actually have a chance to get out of hell and into civilisation again, and here lays the replay value of the game.

How fast are you?

One of the main ‘goals’ of this game is to get to safety alive after your car breaks down, but it will also keep track of your hours and statistics of what you do to get there, so there is always room for improvement. On my second try I made it to civilisation in 13 days and a few hours… (*coughts* died horribly in the first run *coughs*) I have a slight feelin’ I can do better than that..

If you are looking for a game to kill some hours on the bus, tram, train or plain, this might be one to have installed to bring out in those boring hours. Just be aware that it might be a ‘tad addictive’ 🙂